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  • 1. (2020九上·通榆月考) 從方框中選擇正確選項,完成短文(方框中有兩個選項是多余的)。

    A. alone    B. whatever    C. know    D. same     E. helped     F. took    G. different    H. deeply    I. studies    J. successful     K. however    L. because

    When I was a teenager, my teachers thought I was the worst student. My family also had the________thought as my teachers. When I was going to give up my studying, a new teacher Miss White came to our school. She was young, beautiful and knowledgeable.

    One day, when I was sitting________in my classroom, Miss White came up to me and talked to me happily. Soon her smile________away my unhappiness.

    "Do you think I can go to college?" I didn't________why I asked such a question. I thought she must say "no", ________ everyone else said so.

    But she said, "Dear, you can do________you want. Just try, and you'll get closer to success. I believe you are the best!”

    I was touched________ by her words. I decided to study hard. From then on, we became good friends. She often________me with my study in her free time.

    In the end, I did well in my________and went to a good college. Miss White is an angel(天使). Her words have kept me going forward. She helped me to see that I am special and can be________in life.

  • 1. (2020九上·通榆月考) 完成對話,從方框中選擇正確選項(有一個選項與對話內容無關)。

    A. Really? That's terrible!

    B. Wherever you are, you see people use them.

    C. Didn't you watch the news?

    D. What else should we stop doing?

    E. Can we use them while we are on the plane?

    F. But at the same time they can be very dangerous.

    M: You are using mobile phone again while crossing the street.________

    W: No. What happened?

    M: A girl was knocked clown by a car because she was using her mobile phone.


    M: As we all know, mobile phones make it easier for us to communicate with others.________

    W: You're quite right. I won't do it again.________

    M: We shouldn't use them when we are driving. And we shouldn't talk on them for too long.


    M: No, we can't. Using mobile phones isn't allowed on the plane.

    W: Oh, I see.

  • 1. (2020九上·通榆月考) 根據短文內容,判斷下列各句正誤。

    The customs in different countries are different. If I have dinner with a Chinese host, he always put food onto my plates as soon as I have eaten up my food. That often makes me uncomfortable. I have to eat the food even if I don't want to, because it is a bad manner to leave one's food on the plate in the West. I have already noticed that when a Chinese sits at an American dinner party, he often refuses the offer of food or drink though he is in fact still hungry or thirsty. This might be a good manner in China but it is not in the West at all. In the United States, it is impolite to keep asking someone again and again or insist on (堅持) his accepting something. Americans have a direct way of speaking. If they want something, they will ask for it. If not, they will say "No, thanks". So we had better remember the famous saying, When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

    1. (1) In Western countries, it is polite to leave one's food on the plate.
    2. (2) For Chinese, it is a good manner to refuse the offer of food or drink though he is in fact still hungry or thirsty sometimes.
    3. (3) Chinese have a direct way of speaking.
    4. (4) In America, if you are still hungry or thirsty at a party, you can't ask for more.
    5. (5) In America, if you don't want any food at a party, you should say "No, thanks".
  • 1. (2020九上·通榆月考) We are________of our country because it is becoming stronger and stronger.
  • 1. (2020九上·通榆月考) Jenny found         very easy to learn English well.
    A . that B . it is C . it
  • 1. (2020九上·通榆月考) All of us want to go          .
    A . somewhere excited B . exciting somewhere C . somewhere exciting
  • 1. (2020九上·通榆月考) Neither the students nor the teacher         the answer to the question.
    A . know B . knows C . don't know
  • 1. (2020九上·通榆月考) She suggested Jim         by plane, but I thought it would cost too much.
    A . go B . goes C . to go
  • 1. (2020九上·通榆月考) He is looking forward to          you.
    A . hear from B . hearing C . hearing from
  • 1. (2020九上·通榆月考)          useful book it is!
    A . What an B . How C . What a
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